e-Governance implies technology driven solution for governance. e-Governance are the combo of methodology, Innovation, Technology driven solutions to the masses. In India the e-Governance playing the prominent role which history of India never experienced before. More and more government organizations and departments are now looking forward to implement Information Technology in a bigger way through e-Governance. E-Governance is nothing but all about bringing efficiency, transparency in public driven services to the masses with the bigger and unique aim of "ease of doing business".

With the help of e-Governance, process of government departments functioning and delivering required services becomes simple, responsive, transparent and accountable. Leading government organizations are focusing on getting as many services online as possible. The multi-tiered administration structure at various administrative levels will also have to ensure that the new initiatives are sustainable and feasible with challenge of constant changing Technological environments. Callistus Offshore Services Pvt Ltd, has unique experience and the privilege to associate and participate in various e-Governance projects implementations with its strategic or skeleton support since its inceptions. Callistus has working with its sharp focus on e-Goverance projects like Aadhaar, am admi ka adhikar, CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Netwrk Tracking Systems), Large Data Migration spread across the State's leading Credit Society, is an indigenous 'integrated office automation system for Creidt Society', built with an objective to run a paperless office in all its administrative transactions. APDRP (Accelerated Power Reforms Development Project) etc & many more to count, considered as colorful addition of feather in our journey of success.

Callistus is fully focusing on to become a pioneer & leading e-Governance solution provider and one of the fastest growing companies in the e-Governance sector in India. Our robots Training Infrastructure spread across the 30 Districts of Karnataka can be utilized fully for this purposes also we are scaling our operations across the many States of India.

Callistus has a unique ability to scale up operational capabilities with ease spread across the many States of India, this uniqueness can be fully utilized and explored by not even Government organization but also various Larg Companies or MNC's who are fully focusing on executing e-Governance projects.It must be noted that the e-Governance market is extremely huge. Large companies will not pose any threat to growth of SME companies due to all these reasons mentioned above. On the contrary we have observed that large companies and emerging companies can complement each other. Government of India has recently engaged with NASSCOM to figure out what are the different ways to see that SMEs will get adequate pie of the e-Government business.