Callistus is aspiring to becomes leading Management Consultancy, Project consulting, and research firm with network across the state of Karnataka . Since 2010, its team has been assisting clients in the area of preparing HR Management/Preparing Strategy, Proven processes, strategic Projects bagging partnership, Joint Consortium for effective implementation of innovative technology. As a general management consulting firm, it is able to assist clients across these areas in an integrated - fashion - from "Formulation to Execution".

Its heritage includes being part of the association with many Fortune 500 Clients, Govt. Orgnizations worked closely in terms of project execution & planning effectively human capital also instrumental for many startups successfully execution of their planned business module & formulating effective business goals and strategies under the effective leadership of Callistus these startups able to gain momentum and flourished .

HR Management
Callistus Human Capital practice advises clients on organization & human resources planning transformation at every life-stage of their business growth cycle. Organizations required always adequate human capital planning for their each and every stage of growth and globalization. Callistus Select key areas in which we provide assistance are: HR Management, talent management, employee engagement.

Talent Management

Organizations need to use credible, objective criteria to identify high potential talent & groom them accordance with organizational value structure. Callistus has assisted various clients with effective talent hunt, competency frameworks, assessments, succession plans, management development & leadership development, starting with the inceptions in many cases. Callistus Skill Development Training Divisions will more effective and proven ways for Clients Talent Management needs. The goal is to support a sustainable business that attracts & retains the best talent.

Service Excellence

Global data indicates that 55% of clients are lost by firms in 5 years. Retaining profitable customers and selectively acquiring new ones is the core of any successful business strategy today. With an increasingly competitive environment, customers are also demanding more personalized and quality oriented enhanced service levels. Callistus assists clients/Firms to develop a Best Business Service Strategy comprises with customer centric and creating core competency in the market. Callistus theme for this is Believe in Best Business Practices.

Joint Consortium
An and when organizations do required for Partnering with Callistus will assist many forms one of them is joint consortium basis.